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Birthday Reflections

many-happy-returnsFor whatever reason, birthdays have always meant a lot to me. I love the fact that each year we get to celebrate the day we made our entrance into the world and I appreciate that sentiment so much more now that I have experienced a birth day first hand. But more than it being just your own special day, I treat it sort of like a new year and think back on all that has changed since the last birthday. I am always amazed at all of the days, events, and frankly, little things that make up a year. It goes by quickly doesn’t it? Since this particular birthday is somewhat of a milestone (the big 3-0), I’m taking a look further back, at the whole of my twenties. What a decade of change! These were years of learning and discovery, of difficult choices and great rewards. Hind sight is 20/20, but if I could go back and share some tips and insight with myself, I might have just a few things to say…

  • You may stray from your college degree, but don’t discount what it taught you. Those years helped shape who you are.
  • Taking a job of your dreams, for little pay, might just offer you a priceless experience.
  • Moving far from home is hard, but you will grow more than you thought possible. You can always return.
  • Speaking of hard, it’s a challenge to make new friends after college, but with persistence, creativity and some guts, you’ll find those friendships are worth finding.
  • Don’t be intimidated by job descriptions. You are more qualified than you give yourself credit for.
  • Be proud of where you are from and don’t be embarrassed to say that you miss it (OH-IO).
  • Nothing compares to the relationship that’s built through marriage. It is quite possibly the best thing in the world so give it your all!
  • Your job doesn’t have to define you. Fill your evenings and weekends with activities and hobbies that excite you.
  • There is something to be said for being close to family. No one else will be able to make you smile like they do.
  • Home ownership is a great accomplishment, but try not to let it consume you, as hard as that may be.
  • You will never be truly ready for motherhood, but take the plunge anyway and be prepared to be changed in ways you never could have imagined.
  • It will be hard to believe the number of candles on your cake, because you certainly won’t feel like a thirty-something!

The truth is I’m excited for my thirties. I think this decade has the promise of being something truly amazing! And because this is real life, I doubt that change stops in your twenties.

p.s. About that 30 before 30 list, well I may have been a bit overly ambitious. I haven’t decided if those are still things I want to tackle or if maybe my priorities have shifted. I’ll keep you posted. You know me though, never one to go too long without some sort of goal.


30 before 30

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I had every intention of publishing this post yesterday, but since it was my birthday I decided to celebrate instead with a big ol’ slice of pizza!  It’s the one thing I’ve missed the most since giving up sugar and flour and I decided that it was the perfect excuse to give into the craving.

I bring up my birthday because this concept of a 30 before 30 list is driven by the milestone that I celebrate every 22nd of October.  Yes, the title sounds a lot like 30 x 30 but I promise it has nothing to do with remixing my wardrobe (though I am tempted to take on a fall/winter challenge).  30 before 30 is sort of like a modified bucket list focused on squeezing every last bit of energy out of your twenties.  It’s simple…make a list of 30 things you want to accomplish by the time you turn 30!  You can start it at any point.  I’m starting with two years to go, and while that seems like plenty of time, I’m sure it will fly by and I’ll really have to monitor my progress or else October 22, 2014 will be here and I’ll have nothing to show for it.  This is, of course, not all I will do between now and then – if you know me at all you know I will always have a project, a challenge and a list in process – but this is the big picture for the next 2 years:

  1. Find my signature cocktail and learn how to make it
  2. Run a 1/2 marathon
  3. Ride in GOBA with my husband, father-in-law and sister-in-law (can you tell I married into a cycling family?)
  4. Become a home owner
  5. Visit Las Vegas
  6. Memorize a poem (probably this one)
  7. Yarn bomb
  8. Compose music and lyrics with my husband
  9. Complete a sprint triathlon (or this)
  10. Refinish/refurbish a piece of furniture
  11. Buy the perfect little black dress
  12. Learn to make my mother’s strawberry jam
  13. Meet a fellow blogger in person
  14. Take a grant-writing course
  15. Be a guest speaker
  16. Start a business (an etsy shop counts)
  17. Sing at an open-mic night
  18. Go zip-lining
  19. Take my husband to NYC and see a Broadway show
  20. Go scuba diving (completed Feb. 2013)
  21. Learn to ski
  22. Publish a knitting pattern
  23. Take a pole dancing fitness lesson
  24. Read Anna Karenina
  25. Be a guest blogger
  26. See a movie by myself
  27. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
  28. Spend time at Lake Tahoe
  29. Go rock-climbing (indoor or outdoor)
  30. Knit a sweater for myself

This list was not easy to put together and I’m still second-guessing myself on a few.  Have you ever considered a 30 before 30 list or something similar to mark a milestone in your life?