30×30 Challenge | Spring

I started following Kendi Everyday not too long ago and was curious about a page on her site titled “30 X 30 Remix“.  It’s a challenge that she and many other bloggers have taken to pull 30 items from their closet and create 30 different outfits with those items.  That’s it!  How could I resist a little self/style-improvement project?  I’m in.  I hope that the challenge forces me to be more creative in putting outfits together and I hope by the end of it, that I appreciate more what I already own.

Outside of the 30 items = 30 outfits, there really are no rules.  Some bloggers decide to refrain from shopping while taking the challenge, others include shoes as part of their 30 items, and some take a smaller challenge (15 x 15, etc.).  That’s the beauty of it – you create the rules!

So here are the guidelines I’ve set for myself:

  • 30 pieces of clothing = 30 different outfits
  • Shoes and accessories do not count toward the 30 items
  • Keep shopping to a minimal (I actually hope this challenge exposes some of the missing pieces in my wardrobe)
  • The 30 outfits do not have to be worn successively, but I am aiming for that

I tried not to overthink  the selection of my 30 items.  If I can’t mix and match each piece at least 3 times, then at least I’ll learn that it probably doesn’t belong in my closet anymore.  Here they are; fingers crossed that I chose well!

It’s called a challenge for a reason.  I know this will not be easy,  but I hope that it pushes me to look at my closet from a new perspective and find all the possibilities.  Feel free to share your ideas.  I’m sure I will need them!

p.s.  –  I plan to do a weekly post with photos of each of the outfits I wore from the previous week.  Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “30×30 Challenge | Spring

    1. Katelyn Post author

      Thanks Laura! I may be asking for some ideas as I get toward the end. I have a feeling it will only get harder as I go along 🙂

      1. astimegoesbuy

        I think you’ll be surprised!
        I’m finding I can throw together a new look in nothing flat!
        Plus you’ll be inspired by all the other blogs you see.
        I also find myself really looking at peoples outfits for inspiration when I’m in the city so see what others are doing.
        Good luck on your mission!
        Looking forward to following along.

  1. Katie

    I love this! I always used to get so excited when Lucky magazine did features like this because who doesn’t need to get more creative with their wardrobe, right? I can’t wait to see all your fab outfits. 🙂

  2. Ria

    This sounds like it could be a really fun challenge, to make me rethink how I wear clothes and to really personalize my style.

    On the other hand, unless you count undergarments, I don’t actually think I OWN 30 different pieces of clothing, so I’d have to do a reduced version of this challenge if I were to take a stab at it. But there have been some pieces that I’ve wanted to alter and redesign a little in recent days, so this might be a perfect excuse!

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