30 Before 30

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The big day will be October 22, 2014.  Let the countdown begin!

  • Find my signature cocktail and learn how to make it
  • Run a 1/2 marathon (completed October 2013)
  • Ride in GOBA with my husband, father-in-law and sister-in-law (can you tell I married into a cycling family?)
  • Become a home owner (completed April 2013)
  • Visit Las Vegas
  • Memorize a poem (probably this one)
  • Yarn bomb
  • Compose music and lyrics with my husband
  • Complete a sprint triathlon (or this)
  • Refinish/refurbish a piece of furniture
  • Buy the perfect little black dress
  • Learn to make my mother’s strawberry jam
  • Meet a fellow blogger in person
  • Take a grant-writing course
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Start a business (an etsy shop counts)
  • Sing at an open-mic night
  • Go zip-lining
  • Take my husband to NYC and see a Broadway show
  • Go scuba diving (completed Feb. 2013)
  • Learn to ski
  • Publish a knitting pattern
  • Take a pole dancing fitness lesson
  • Read Anna Karenina (completed Sept. 2013)
  • Be a guest blogger
  • See a movie by myself
  • Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
  • Spend time at Lake Tahoe
  • Go rock-climbing (indoor or outdoor)
  • Knit a sweater for myself

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