No Sugar, No Flour Challenge

I have been frustrated for awhile now with the way my clothes have been fitting.  It’s probably due to a combination of things – sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, the gradual slowing of my metabolism, and all that delicious food in New Orleans.  But it wasn’t until I stepped on the scale a couple of weeks ago that I realized just how much my body has changed these last few years.  I was shocked and disappointed.  Clearly my diet and activity level aren’t cutting it anymore and it is time to change something.

I started doing some research on changes I could make in my diet to help me shed a few of these extra pounds.  I already feel like I do many things right – I drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, eat 3-5 fruits and vegetables a day, and because I don’t eat meat, I consume a fair amount of beans and whole grains.  So what was left?  My mother-in-law has been following Dr. Gott’s “No Sugar, No Flour Diet” for quite some time now and with great success I might add.  I would actually say that she has adopted it as a lifestyle, which is, I think, what Dr. Gott intended – make it to your goal weight and use a philosophy of balance moving forward.  His guidelines are basic – don’t consume anything with added sugar or flour of any kind – if it has the word flour in the ingredient list, don’t eat it.  Removing these two ingredients from a diet removes most of the empty calories we consume and forces you to fill that with vegetables, fruit and other more filling foods.  It sounded like a good plan and so I designed a challenge for myself.

The Challenge:

  • Take off 12 pounds (this originally started as “stick to it for 2 weeks” but now that I’m 1 week in, I think I can last for longer than that)
  • Cut out all added sugar and flour from my diet
  • Add green tea to my daily routine
  • Run 3-4 times a week

The Tools:

  • An accountability partner: My sister has agreed to take this challenge with me.  Having come from the same gene pool, we’re experiencing similar changes in our bodies.  So who better to understand the road ahead?
  • A Food Diary: We have started a shared google doc where we update what we eat and how we feel in columns that allow us to compare and see what the other is eating.  I know that I better stick to the rules because Kelsey will be seeing everything (and I can’t lie).
  • A scale: I purchased my first scale, the one that gave me the shock a couple weeks ago, to track my progress.  I’ve never owned a scale before.  I always believed that you should just know your body well enough to not need one, but clearly I was fooling myself.  I weigh myself each morning and record it in the food log.
  • A guilty pleasure: We are allowing ourselves 1 square of dark chocolate (88% cacao or higher) as needed to help ease us down off of the sugar addiction.

I’m looking forward to the challenge and will be back to post more about what I’m eating and how I’m feeling.  I know that these simple carbohydrates are an addiction that I will have to break like any other.  I hope that even if losing the weight isn’t easy, that I will feel healthier and have more energy that will drive me to continue with the challenge for as long as it takes.

Have you ever tried giving up sugar & flour or any other healthy-eating challenge that worked for you?  If you’ve ever considered giving up sugar, here’s an inspiring article that really motivated my sister and me to take this on in the first place:


4 thoughts on “No Sugar, No Flour Challenge

  1. emilybarney11

    You really are hitting close to home with where I am on this one too. About 2 weeks ago I stepped on the scale and realized I had gain 17lbs since I got married. YIKES! Unlike you, I wasn’t doing ANYTHING right… so I figured I’d better begin. I started portioning out my food into true portion sizes (realizing that I eat wayyy too much) and drinking 64 oz. of water a day. I was lucky if I drank 1 cup a day before. I also started working out 3 days a week. This is my second week and I’m finally starting to notice a difference!

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