3 Years

3-YearsThis is such a small snapshot of everything we have shared together over these last 3 years. I still remember May 21, 2011 as being the happiest day, but with every year that passes I realize that it was just the beginning and that marriage just keeps getting better.

We’re not big celebration people, but today we will get to do something fun. We will get to open another card signed with messages from guests who attended our wedding. Each table at the reception was assigned an anniversary year and they all signed that particular card. All the cards were then sealed and delivered to us so that every May 21st (or milestone year as we get further along) we can open a card and be reminded of what a fantastic day we had and what amazing friends and family we have supporting us.

This year will bring the biggest changes and challenges we’ve yet to face, but I couldn’t have a better partner by my side. I am so incredibly lucky. Happy Anniversary Phil!


2 thoughts on “3 Years

  1. Nanci Osborne

    It was truly a magical day! Your wedding was a beautiful day filled with your and Phil’s “signature” on everything. There was so much fun and love….AND we added a truly magnificent “son” to our family!

  2. Angela

    Happy Anniversary! I love reading your ALOF. I loved the cookie boxes. I do believe your reception began my addiction to ‘no bake cookies’. I have made hundreds of them since. I do not recall the year, however, my advice on love in every form will always stick…it’ is better to be kind, than to be right. Especially to a lifetime commitment…<3


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