5 Fantastic Things | April


Can you believe that with this post I will have shared 12 months of fantastic things? It’s pretty fun to look back at everything from the last year. It’s kind of like a little mini yearbook. April was a good month for us and I say that because I had no trouble at all coming up with a list much longer than just 5 fantastic things. We are constantly on the go between jobs, social schedules, projects and pregnancy that we have to remind ourselves sometimes to slow down and enjoy this time that’s still just the two of us.

5 FANTASTIC THINGS I want to remember:

  1. Our first trip to the Cincinnati Ballet who performed with the band Over the Rhine. It was an amazing performance and a much needed special occasion for us.
  2. Seeing Denning Beta for the first time and realizing that he or she is a dancing machine, which is crazy because I couldn’t feel a thing!
  3. Enjoying the most delicious breakfast pastries and meal at Cake Cafe after a 2 year hiatus.
  4. Staying up late on a work night to enjoy the first of many warm weather nights around a fire with our good friends and neighbors. Those kind of evenings are the best!
  5. Receiving not one, but two adorably cute and cheeky onesies for Denning Beta in the same week. We have the best friends and co-workers.

5 FANTASTIC THINGS I’m looking forward to:

  1. Celebrating baby number two for a long-time friend with a little “sprinkle” (if that phrase is new to you, you’re not alone. Think second child receives less than a shower).
  2. Seeing a friend who moved away almost 9 months ago when he returns for a much anticipated visit to Cincinnati.
  3. Watching my brother-in-law as he takes the stage in a production of Les Miserables. He will be fantastic I’m sure.
  4. Heading to our first Reds game of the season!
  5. Enjoying the three-day-weekend that is the official start to summer in my book…Memorial Day!

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