Something New

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The ideas for this post have been in my head for weeks, but somehow every time I sit down to write the words I am unable to.

Have you ever kept a secret for so long that when you’re finally able to tell the truth, you’re not sure you can? Because the secret has become something that belongs to you and you’ve learned to protect it so much, the thought of sharing it is frightening, even though deep down you know that it will be a relief?

Well, we have been thinking for awhile now that we’re ready for something new. And while change is not something that I always welcome with open arms, sometimes you just have to trust yourself to do the right thing. So this summer we will be bringing something new into the world and our lives will change in a way that I can’t even fathom. I am nervous and excited at the exact same time, and yes, sometimes I wonder what we got ourselves into. But I am lucky to have Phil who reminds me that we are going to be amazing parents and that everything our baby needs, we already have.


So I guess the secret’s out…and I do feel better to have shared it with you. In fact, I’ll probably be sharing a bit more with you about our journey between now and August if that’s ok. Here’s to something new!

The inspiration for this post’s title came from this song.


5 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Pat

    Beautifully said!! We are so happy for you…of course we have known for sometime thanks to Jonathan!! I love reading your blog! Wishing you the best!


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