What I want to remember

Last week I promised photos from our recent trip to Costa Rica, but I wanted to share more than just a few of my favorite shots. I wanted to also share some of the memories. It’s true, all of the pictures that we took that week, and there were many, will be great memories in and of themselves, but there are some things that I want to document for those days when I really want to relive it. So here is what I want to remember about Costa Rica…

Costa-Rica-2The view from our balcony as the sun rose and set each day and the accompanying soundtrack of birds, breeze and howler monkeys. I should note that because we were right on the equator, the sun set somewhere around 6:00pm every evening and it set quickly. You would go from beautiful, bright sunlight to almost complete darkness in no time!

Costa-Rica-1The long and challenging hike to the beach and the reminder that we should be on the lookout for all types of animals. Even if we had no regard for the many animals on the sign, a pace other than slow was not an option.

Costa-Rica-5The color of the flowers and yes, the SLOTH that lived in the tree next to our house. We named him Capi Capi. We could see him just feet from our balcony and even had “sloth watch” assignments to see if he would move. Sadly, he slept most of the day and would move around at night when we could no longer see him.

P1100587 (1280x855)The hours spent reading, relaxing and reflecting. If I wasn’t in that rocking chair or a lounge chair by the pool, I was in a hammock.

Costa-Rica-4The surrounding area. There was so much we could walk to and a public bus that cost $0.60 for everything else. We explored the local food and took a guided tour through the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Costa-Rica-3The beach. It was perfectly peaceful and quiet, with plenty of shade and waves that would fill your suit with sand in a single crash. It was by far my most favorite place and best times of the trip.

P1100946 (1280x855)The friends. We are lucky enough to have 8 friends who are willing to drop everything, jump on a plane and go on an adventure every year, and 1 friend who is willing to plan it. I don’t know many people who do anything similar to what we’ve done for the past 3 years and I have to believe I am pretty lucky. Thank you to my wonderful friends, old and new, who make each trip unique and memorable!

P1110076 (1280x855)This guy. Those who know us might consider Phil to be the more frugal one between the two of us, but when it comes to travel, he is all in. His goal is always to make sure that we have an amazing trip and when I am stressing about packing or leaving for an entire week, he reminds me of why we travel, and I never regret it. I am so glad to have a partner in life with whom I can travel.

To see pictures from our past trips, click here {Mexico} or here {Grand Cayman}. Any suggestions for next year’s travel plans?


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