Giving It Up

FacebookLet me share with you a typical conversation that happens most nights in our house right around bedtime…

Phil: Katelyn…what are you doing?
Me: Nothing [while I quickly switch to the alarm screen on my iPhone]
Phil: Were you looking at Facebook?
Me: Nooo…
Phil: I hope not, because you should be going to bed.
Me: [feeling guilty]

I was checking Facebook and had been for the last 30 minutes when I should have been enjoying some much-needed sleep. But I just. can’t. help myself! And who is Phil to tell me I can’t check it if I want to? Well, he is technically only doing his job, because what you don’t know is that I complain a lot about being tired and needing to get more sleep, but for some reason my willpower is non-existent when it comes to shutting down and going to bed. So I’ve asked Phil to help remind me and what I’ve learned is that 9 times out of 10 I am doing something silly, like checking Facebook!

It’s not just at bedtime that you can find me wasting time on my phone. I do it while I’m a passenger in the car, while I’m sitting on the couch watching a movie or even when I’m “keeping Phil company” as he cooks. All this wasted time when I could be in the moment, I’m instead spending it in the Facebook moment! I know that it’s not just Facebook that distracts me. There are plenty of other apps, but Facebook seems to be the worst for me.

A few months ago, Danielle at “Breakfast at Toast” deleted the Facebook app from her phone with a promise to live more in the moment. If something was important enough to share, she would do it later, at her computer so as not to take away from the moment. Social media apps on phones are convenient when we’re on the go, but they also prevent us from really engaging with people, doing things that we care about and they’re just a distraction in general. I don’t always give up something for lent, and technically I don’t have to since I’m not Catholic, but this year, I’m giving up Facebook on my phone. That’s 40 days of only logging on from an actual computer, when I intentionally sit down to do just that. No more checking just to check because it’s convenient. Now I will check with a purpose. (Plus it’s more work to open up the laptop, so I’m hoping I do it less!)

Do you think you could remove a social media app from your phone? Which one distracts you the most? Are you making any changes this lenten season?


2 thoughts on “Giving It Up

  1. Alicia Johnston (@aliciajaybird)

    Horrible confession: I download and delete the Facebook phone app in a vicious cycle every month or so. I like it for checking event details on the go (and of course as a resort for boredom) but it really does serve as a distraction from living in the moment. I just deleted it; we’ll have to see how long it lasts this time!

    1. Katelyn Post author

      That is too funny! You can do 40 days with me 🙂 I’ve already opened my phone a few times to check it and then remembered my resolution. I’ll have to get used to it at some point.


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