Use What You’ve Got

That’s quite the vague post title. I  could be telling you to use your talents, use your “assets”, or in the case of this story use something that you’ve got.

JournalI’ve been wanting to get back to my journal this past month or so. It’s probably in part due to the wintry weather, but also I keep thinking that it might help with my general lack of focus and direction these days. Regardless of why, despite my best intentions I always seem to find an excuse (namely napping and knitting).

Lately I’d started to convince myself that if I just had a new journal, I would be unable to resist the fresh, clean pages and would journal daily as if it were my job. So yesterday I spent my lunch hour perusing the shelves at Barnes & Noble looking at all the fancy journals with their motivational quotes and beautiful covers, and I imagined what it would be like to curl up and pour my heart into their pages. Despite my daydreams, or maybe in the middle of my daydreams, I ended up in front of the moleskin section. I should probably mention that the journal I currently have, the one that I have been “writing in” since September of 2011, is a moleskin. I couldn’t help but be drawn to the bright fuchsia journal with its spring-like promise, but whether it was the price tag, or my husband’s voice in my head saying “waste not, waste not”, I snapped out of my daydream and put the journal back on the shelf.

I didn’t need a new journal to be able to write. I needed to just write…in my perfectly good half-empty moleskin at home. I wonder how many other times I’ve wanted or even purchased something new thinking that the new would launch me into whatever goal or wish I had. But the reality is that only we can do that because at the end of the day a journal, old or new, is just a collection of paper. We’re the ones who write the story.


One thought on “Use What You’ve Got

  1. Alicia Johnston (@aliciajaybird)

    I am so guilty of buying a new notebook every time I want to start something new, or being tempted to buy new exercise clothes when I am so convinced that I’m getting back into running. I’ve recently picked up an old journal too, and found that you can create a habit even when the spine is cracked and full of old journal entries from a French class! 🙂


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