My January Cure

January CureThis last week, with the temperatures being as cold as they were, I have looked forward to nothing more than finishing dinner and curling up on the couch for the rest of the evening with a blanket and my cats. It’s been great, but I’m already starting to feel like a lazy bum! I’ve decided that I need a project, so a couple of days ago I signed up for the January Cure. The January Cure is a “group challenge” hosted by Apartment Therapy that focuses on tackling both large projects and small tasks in your home to make it a more peaceful, organized and relaxing place to spend the rest of winter and beyond. I’ve posted the full calendar of activities that we’ll be tackling through the 31st, but I prefer to rely on the daily email from Janel that arrives in my inbox around 9am each morning giving me my marching orders with a dose of inspiration.

So far I have created a master project list of 3-5 things per room, mopped the floors, created an outbox and selected the one project that I am going to complete before the end of the month*. While I’m glad to have written out a big long project list right at the start, I’ve found it a little hard to focus on the little tasks that followed because the size of my project list is distracting! The point, I believe, was to get it all out on paper and then to select just one item to cross off by the end of the month, but boy is that intimidating and overwhelming! It’s crazy the ideas we carry around in our heads without even realizing. I would love to cross off multiple items each month (and would need to if I’m going to complete this list before I’m old), but I know that won’t always be possible. Following along with other bloggers who are sharing their progress has shown me that everyone struggles with a big long list of “wants”.  For now, I’m looking forward to cleaning the kitchen, organizing files and more of those tedious yet rewarding tasks.

Tonight, I’m going to be finding a piece of artwork that needs to be framed. Easy! We have so many.

If you’re interested in joining the Cure, just sign up here to receive the daily email. Let me know how it’s going if you do. If I complete anything that I’m really proud of, you’ll read about it here.

*My one project for the month is going to be purchasing and hanging curtains in the piano room.


One thought on “My January Cure

  1. Andrea

    I really like this approach! One of my goals is to spend 15 minutes cleaning each night – maybe clean a bathroom, vacuum floors, etc. That small amount of time is pretty manageable each night and gives me back an hour each weekend that I can use to focus on bigger projects instead.


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