The Forgotten Vegetable

This year we served brussels sprouts at Thanksgiving instead of green beans. They were delicious, as brussels sprouts almost always are. I enjoyed them so much that I thought I would remind you about this often forgotten vegetable.

When you are thinking of a green side vegetable, it’s easy to think broccoli, green beans or even asparagus, but brussels sprouts are another great option, and in my opinion, the better option. Go the traditional route and roast them with a little salt and pepper or try something fancy with pomegranate seeds, walnuts and blue cheese. Those recipes and more are linked below. It’s time to introduce some b.s. onto the dinner table. Enjoy!


Recipes clock-wise from top left:

Roasted B.S. // B.S. Kale Salad // B.S. Latkes // Maple Roasted B.S.

All images are property of the sources cited. 


3 thoughts on “The Forgotten Vegetable

  1. Alicia Johnston (@aliciajaybird)

    Brussels sprouts latkes?! That combines two of my favorite things. I always love going green veggie-wild in the winter with brussels sprouts and broccoli. (My mom does not understand how this shift happened as I used to detest everything green.) My friend Tina posted a recipe for a raw brussels sprouts slaw that I made for a Christmas potluck–it was SO good! Here it is:

    1. Katelyn Post author

      I know what you mean about eating green in the winter. It seems to be the best way to combat what could be a boring cold-weather plate. Thanks for the recipe. That looks really good and a slaw is not a brussels sprouts recipe that you see often. Thanks!


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