Change of Plans


Remember that post a couple of months ago where we had all but purchased the IKEA Norden table and had grand plans of DIY’ing some colorful, mismatched chairs for our dining room? Well, how does the saying go…the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray? They didn’t really go astray, we led them astray when we crossed the threshold of Macy’s furniture gallery. We had just offered to host Thanksgiving dinner and then promptly realized that our table only sat 5 on a good day. So on our way to IKEA we decided to make sure we had considered all our options, we made a slight detour and an hour or so later set a delivery date for a full dining room set.

What made us change our minds? Well, having the full table and chairs delivered the following weekend without having to put in any time and effort searching for 8 dining chairs or building the table helped. And so did the price. This set was on close-out, which meant we got a great deal and there were just a few left in the warehouse ready to ship. Lastly, having 2 leaves gives us 3 different options for table length. What we didn’t realize before, was that the Norden table only had 1 leaf, which meant that at its shortest, it was still pretty long for our small dining room. When it’s just the two of us, we can really shrink this down to size.


Getting the furniture was a big step, but there’s still a lot more I want to do in the room, just see the picture above! To break up the complete-set-look, I want to introduce some quirkiness and color to the room through the art, curtains and other extras. Slowly but surely, piece by piece we’ll get there.


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