Season’s Greetings


I will take any excuse to purchase new stationary and the holidays are no exception. I love receiving cards and letters year round, but I know that’s hard to keep up with, so I especially appreciate even those once a year updates from friends and family, near and far, that I can then display to remind myself daily of how many people I am fortunate enough to have in my life. So much better than looking at Facebook friends.

Some years I think I’ll be different and delay my greeting cards for the New Year. I do love the New Year. But then I see all of beautiful holiday cards available and I forget the idea completely, and stick with what I know and love. Not much planning usually goes into which cards I send each year. While I enjoy receiving the personalized photo cards, I’ve never had my act together enough to pull that off. So my cards are purchased on a whim, typically on a trip meant for something else, but somehow I’m always pretty happy with what I end up with.

For those of you who want to survey all your options and pick the best of the best, let me tell you, the options are overwhelming! I struggled to narrow down my favorites for this post, but nonetheless, I think I’ve picked some pretty unique and beautiful cards and that’s always my goal – to find a message that will resonate with a diverse recipient list, colors that will be beautiful when on display, and plenty of space on the inside to write a meaningful greeting.

Does anyone else send holiday greetings? Do you make your own cards, purchase cards or send photo cards? What’s the average number of recipients on your list?

1. Rifle Paper Company // 2. These are Things // 3. House Lars Built
4. Minted // 5. Paper Source // 6. RocketInc

All images are property of the sources cited. 


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