Thanksgiving 2013

Well, we survived our first Thanksgiving hosting and preparing the meal and I loved (almost) every minute of it!

*The “almost” came at 7:00am that morning when I questioned my idea to run a 10K in roughly 20 degree weather…brrr! But after I finished the run, got some coffee and a hot shower, it was well worth it.

Here are a few pictures from our day…


We decided to put up the tree (our first together) early so that we could enjoy it with everyone being at the house. When the house wasn’t smelling like turkey, it smelled like pine – my favorite!


Phil did a great job with the turkey! Even though I didn’t have a taste, it looked beautiful and everyone was very impressed. We tag-teamd the side dishes which included salad, brown butter sage mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, Phil’s homemade bread, stuffing and gravy. For dessert, there was pecan pie (thanks to my mother-in-law), pumpkin pie, champagne truffles and homemade cinnamon ice cream (thanks Megan!). It was all delicious!


We certainly thought of, and missed the family that we didn’t see on Thanksgiving day, but we will see you soon. And next year, we would love to host EVERYONE. Be there or be square!


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