I came. I ran. I conquered!


If you can’t tell from the way I’m beaming, this was one proud moment for me. It was the end of over three months of training, lots of will power and a race that couldn’t have been better. What an awesome day and a great way to kick-off year 29!


My goal was to finish the Columbus Nationwide Children’s Hospital Half Marathon in under 2 hours and 30 minutes and I beat that with a finishing time of 2:15:08. That’s 11 seconds faster per mile than I had been training! Some of that was adrenaline, some of that was the crowd and having people out supporting me (Phil wins husband of the year!), but either way everything just really seemed to fall into place and I can honestly say I had a great time.

P1090804And I learned a lot from the experience too…

  • I run cold, so warmer clothes will never feel too warm.
  • Speaking of being cold, bring a cheap sweatshirt or fleece blanket to huddle under because you will stand around for a good 45 minutes before you even cross the start. Once you do, ditch it and avoid the teeth chattering and blue lips that I experienced.
  • People-watching makes the time fly by. There were so many runners and spectators that just being observant provided me with endless entertainment.
  • When you’re being observant, don’t read all the signs. Getting teary-eyed from reading an emotional sign or shirt makes seeing and consistent breathing a challenge. Be selective.
  • Smile! This was easy for me because I was having such a good time, but smiling reminds you that you’re doing this for fun, that it’s a privilege to run and it helps you stay positive and forget about any aches, pains or fatigue.
  • Ask your supporters to be at your toughest mile. I was glad to see Phil as I got into the double-digit miles. That’s usually the time when I start to feel a little sluggish, but seeing him cheering gave me the boost I needed to finish it out.


Now, I wouldn’t be jotting down my notes and learnings if I wasn’t planning on running another half, or two, or three. I’m still riding high from the experience on Sunday and I’m using that momentum to think about what’s next. The flying pig anyone? Because I’m hooked!


3 thoughts on “I came. I ran. I conquered!

  1. Andrea

    Congrats! Love how huge your medal is! I think you’ll really like the Flying Pig. The hills are challenging but I enjoy them and it’s so fun to be part of such a big local race.

    1. Katelyn Post author

      Thanks! I’m definitely looking forward to the pig and the hills. It’s amazing how different it is to run on a flat course like Columbus. It was great for my first one, but I do miss the variety of having a challenging hill followed by an easy down-hill.

  2. Sam Smith

    So happy for you, Katelyn! My goal was 2:30 also; finished in 2:20. I already registered for the Flying Pig half — you should too! I know I’ll need that for motivation to keep running through the winter. 😉 Just picked up some blinky LED’s to wear on my evening runs since it’s getting dark so early. I’ve got no excuse now!


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