Resolution Review | Friendships


I’ve been making steady progress these past few weeks in reviewing each of my mantras for 2013 and putting a small change for each into practice. So far, I’m working toward a more simple life by reducing my inbox and learning that I don’t have to do everything in a day – just 3 things. Next up is the mantra…

“Life is Better with Friends”

As life continues to change and friends come and go, I am reminded that friendships are relationships like any other and they require dedication, nurturing, and sometimes even a little work for the ones that are worth it. It’s easy to get distracted with daily activities, work, house projects and hobbies so that weeks will go by before I realize that I haven’t done a thing to invest in my friendships.

If you search ‘how to be a good friend’, you’ll find plenty of articles with advice like listen with an open mind, be honest, challenge each other to be your best selves, call to check-in, etc. Those are all true, but how do you be a good listener or challenge a friend that you don’t see often? Sometimes just providing a little reminder that you’re thinking of someone and you’re there for them if they need you, can be all it takes.

My action item for this next week is to write 5 letters to those friends that I think about but don’t see or haven’t seen in awhile. Just because we can’t grab a drink after work or brunch on Sunday, doesn’t mean I don’t consider their friendship to be an important one. Now, letter-writing is easy for me. I have a huge collection of stationary and I’ve always loved hand-writing letters. But if that’s not your thing, pick up the phone, write an email or send a Facebook message. Everyone needs a reminder now and then that they have great friends and people who think they’re pretty great in return.


3 thoughts on “Resolution Review | Friendships

  1. Abigail

    Love it! Exchanging cards and letters is something your sweet sister and I have done for years and I hope we always do. Nothing like hearing from a good friend. Your 5 letters will make 5 friends feel very loved!

  2. Lindsey of Lost & Fawned

    Great post!

    Making new friends at this age, I find to be so difficult. You’ve grown beyond college where you meet people all the time, and if you don’t have kids yet you aren’t socializing with other parents. And if you are like me, and work in an office with your family, it leaves few places to easily meet new people.

    Since I moved back to the place where I graduated from college, I have been thinking about try to rekindle some old friendships and acquaintances from years ago. We have kept up casually via Facebook, but I’m thinking this winter I might try to make a change.

    Sorry if I totally hijacked your post and took it in a different direction, but your post got me thinking. 🙂


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