Dining Room Decisions

We’ve gone back and forth shifting our focus from living room to dining room trying to prioritize projects. Right now, after hosting a dinner recently where we struggled to fit complete place settings at each seat, we are focused once again on the dining room. I have all these ideas bouncing around in my head and I thought it would help to share some of them with you. First up – the front-runner for a new dining table.

Norden-Ikea-TableSome of you are probably thinking, “you just bought a grown-up house, why would you furnish it with Ikea?”. That’s a fair question, and one to which I think I have a pretty good answer. But first, to give you some context, here is what we’re hoping the table will look like when it’s not standing stark naked all by itself:

Norden-3-WaysNot too bad, right?  I’ve looked at a lot of tables, some really nice tables at that, and while I would love to drop a few grand on a new dining room set, there were several factors, budget included, that have tipped the scale in favor of the Norden. For example…

  • A lot of the designer-looking tables come in a set size. We want to be able to seat 8 at our new table, but day-to-day when it’s just the two of us in our smallish dining room, we want the option to create a smaller table and expand it as we need to. The Norden table is expandable.
  • Then there’s this idea that we want to have kids (scary right?). I’m sure my children will be angels, but I can just picture the first time milk is spilled or god forbid the table is used as drawing paper. The situation will involve far fewer tears if the table isn’t the most expensive piece of furniture we own.
  • Lastly, we already have the more compact version of the Norden table, purchased for our “compact” apartment in New Orleans. It’s held up very well and we like the look of the simplistic, natural wood. This table can complement what we already have.

Are we all on the same page now? Good, because next up are the chairs. We like the Ikea table, but I’m not sure we want all matching Ikea chairs too. No need to look like the room fell out of their catalog. So I’m toying with the idea of finding some assorted second-hand chairs and painting/recovering them to be a consistent color-theme. Maybe something like this…

Assorted-ChairsWhat do you think? There will be many more decisions to make in the room, the most immediate being paint color (I know – not my strong suit), followed by the rug, overhead lighting, art and accessory furniture, but I have to keep reminding myself to take it step by step, decision by decision. As I wrap up this post, I think I can check one decision off the list already – the table.

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