5 Fantastic Things | September


It’s ironic that my September picture is a poolside picture when all I’ve been saying these past few months is how I can’t wait for fall and cooler weather. Go figure. To be honest, I wasn’t very good about taking pictures this month so while I have some really great memories, I don’t have many pictures to prove it. But even though the weather was still hot, reading by the pool over labor day weekend was a really great memory…

5 FANTASTIC THINGS I want to remember:

  1. Enjoying a 3-day weekend with family complete with pool games, good food and lots of laughs.
  2. Laughing with the Denning family while they shared old memories and tried to balance spoons on their noses. There may have also been a fairly humorous juggling competition.
  3. Catching up with my college roommate and best friend during her recent visit to Cincinnati. We’re always able to pick up right where we left off.
  4. Crossing the finish line at my longest race to date (Hudepohl 14K) and lucking out that the rain stopped right as we headed to the start line.
  5. Listening to music in a whole new way. We finally got the turn table working and I swear you would think the musicians were in the next room.

5 FANTASTIC THINGS I’m looking forward to:

  1. I’ve always loved my birthday – the season, the month, the ghost cookies that my mom baked each year. I don’t even mind getting a year older.
  2. All of my training will hopefully pay off in a few weeks when I finish my first half-marathon in Columbus!
  3. I can’t believe I still haven’t visited my sister’s new house. Can’t wait to visit with family and see where she now calls home.
  4. Halloween! Need I say more?
  5. It’s always easier to knit in the fall and winter then it is in the summer. I’m glad knitting season is finally here.

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