In the Mood for Knitting

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any knitting projects on here. Sorry to get your hopes up, but today is not going to be that day. I should be working on those never-ending baby projects, most of which are half-finished and still sitting on the needles, but this beautiful fall weather has got me excited to start knitting scarves and hats in anticipation of winter. I am always in the mood to knit a new scarf each year. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our overflowing winter accessory basket, One can never have too many. During those winter months when you practically live in your coat, having a variety of options from which to choose makes the cold actually a little fun, and dare I say, stylish.


So, instead of finishing those half-finished projects, I’ve been perusing ravelry “pinning” all of the infinity scarves that I would love to knit this season. Decisions, decisions…

clockwise from top left: Mix no. 20 // Arnhem Loop // Rayures // Jeweled Cowl // Annie


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