Little Things


They seem like little things – a mailbox, a doorbell and front porch lights – but they really make a big difference in curb appeal and function of a house. It’s hard to believe we had none of these “little things” until several weeks ago when my mom and step-dad (professional contractor/handy-man extraordinaire) came down to help us with a few projects around the house. I was amazed at all that was completed in that day and a half because there’s more than what you see here. What you can’t see is the outdoor electrical outlet that was added, the outdoor spigot that was repaired and the brand-new exhaust fan added in our bathroom (woohoo). They worked hard and we owe them more than just a few banana cream pies (Bob’s favorite).

P1090374 copy

We are so lucky to have them because these projects, while they don’t seem like much, would have taken us months to complete by the time we researched, experimented and purchased the right tools or we would have given up and just hired someone to do it for us. So a huge thank you to them for all of their help, and thanks mom for the matching work shirt. I’ll remember to wear my bandanna next time. I’m so excited to check these little things/big projects off our list! Front porch lights are exciting y’all!

Note: Phil scored those lights at our local re-store. Don’t forget to check there for used home improvement items.


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