Michigan Magic


It was one of my 5 Fantastic Things from August, and was definitely a vacation that I think back on fondly, and often. Our trip to Michigan was like the all-family vacations we used to take as kids, only better. We were all together again, my mom, sister, my aunt and uncle and my cousins but this time we had our spouses and a couple of kids, who were so much fun by the way. And while you might look at this picture and wonder how we all fit into one house without driving each other crazy, I can say that even if we did drive each other crazy, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The weather was cool, just the way I like it, but we made the most of everything that Pentwater and our beautiful house on the lake had to offer. From dune buggy rides and kayaking to ice cream and late night games, it was magic. I’m already looking forward to next year when we can get everyone together again and make our own “good old days”.









KayaksI highly recommend Michigan for a great place to vacation. You will remember what peace and quiet and beautiful scenery is like.


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