Read. Watch. Listen

Read-Watch-ListenLindsay over at Lost & Fawned did a read, watch, listen post a few weeks back and I loved it. Not only did a get some great recommendations, I also got a glimpse into her daily life and what she likes. So to let y’all see what piques my interest and maybe even get you excited to read, watch or listen to something new, here is what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to lately!

READ: Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple – Awesome book! I read it in three sittings, which is a record for me, who usually takes weeks or months to finish anything. I could not put it down. Semple used to write for television (Arrested Development anyone?) and it shows… in a good way. Bernadette was witty and heart-warming with great characters and a plot that made it impossible to put down.

WATCH: The Way Way Back – I will see anything with Steve Carell in it, but this was his first film where I didn’t like him. Not him as an actor (he can do no wrong), but him as in his character. The star of the movie was by far Sam Rockwell. He was that crazy guy who lives life the way he wants to live, but underneath it all he just cares about the people around him. It’s the perfect end of summer movie that will make you laugh, but most importantly, make you leave the theater just feeling good.

LISTEN: Royals by Lorde – I cannot get enough of this song. Thanks to the Everygirl for turning me on to this New Zealand singer. She needs no introduction – just listen!


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