NSNF Anniversary

It has been one year since my sister and I started on our no sugar no flour challenge and we want to celebrate the occasion. How, you might ask? By starting it all over again! Woohoo! As much as I’d like to tell you that I have been an angel with my food choices and never cheated, that is sadly not the case. Cheating, as I’ve learned the hard way, has a direct correlation with the scale – yikes! As hard as that is to accept, I have come to terms with the fact that it’s just how my body works. Cheat today, struggle to fit into your pants tomorrow.

So for this one year anniversary, I am going back to square one and what worked for me last year when I lost almost 12 pounds. I’ve started a food log again, am checking the scale on a regular basis, and most importantly, I’m not cheating!

To take the guess-work out of my food choices, I’ve compiled an “idea board” with possible options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. And if we want to go out to eat, I’ve included some options that fit the guidelines so I don’t ruin it with one meal out.


Breakfast: green smoothie; oatmeal // Lunch: salad; tuna salad; oatmeal pancakes w/almond butter // Snacks: rice cakes; string cheese; hard-boiled eggs; vegetables & hummus; nuts // Dinner: salmon; soup; quinoa salad // Out-to-Eat: sushi; chipotle salad

Feel free to use this in your own journey to eat real food (i.e. food without flour or sugar and food that’s been processed as little as possible). If you have your own ideas, add them to the comments and if there are enough I will do a second board with even more options! It’s easy to think that I am severely limiting my options when I give up two ingredients as common as flour and sugar, but all of the options shown prove that’s not true. Sometimes though, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Anyone else interested in joining us for our anniversary celebration? If you want an example of one of our weeks of food logging, leave a comment and I’ll send it your way. Wish us luck!


4 thoughts on “NSNF Anniversary

      1. Sam Smith

        I’ve seriously cut back over the past two weeks and I feel better already! Just by cutting out one Greek yogurt and one protein bar per day I’ve subtracted ~25g of sugars. Wow! Feeling ready to take on the full challenge… 😉

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