Paint the Town

…or the office. What’s the difference?

We’re taking advantage of the cooler weather and tackling another paint job. Room by room we will remove all of the green paint in this house. We chose the office as our next painting project for two reasons –

  1. Phil spends more than 8 hours a day in that room and it is not much to look at (poor Phil!)
  2. I just started working from home one day a week and I could use a better desk set-up.

So the plan is to paint, hang art, get new desks and storage solutions, and update the built-in bookcases … over time. This weekend it’s all about the paint and picking our color. Sherwin Williams is having their anniversary sale, so there isn’t much time to make our decision.  In fact, three paint samples are drying on the wall as you read this and a gallon or two won’t be far behind.


This is our first time using Sherwin Williams’ paint. After our last debacle with a different paint store (don’t ask), we are turning to the experts. Has anyone else used Sherwin Williams before? Do you have a recommendation or favorite in terms of their interior paints?

I’m hoping to be better about taking before and after pictures so I can share a real update with you. Stay tuned. What are you up to this weekend? Any projects around the house or is everyone else enjoying the last few weekends of summer?


One thought on “Paint the Town

  1. Rolf Remlinger

    Primer, primer, primer, and tint the primer a hint darker than the final paint color. Sherwin Williams is good, spend money on their better paint. I don’t like Super Paint, too hard to work with in my opinion, Just did our living room and hallway with the Cashmere, that was good. Don’t buy the HGTV Home no oder stuff, it was lousy.


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