Summer Blues


The weather this weekend was amazing. I’m talking about mid-70’s down to about 60 degrees at night – basically end of summer/beginning of fall weather. I took full advantage of it – working in the yard Friday, Saturday and Sunday, sleeping with the windows open and making chili. And this cool-down could not have come at a better time because I was starting to get a case of the summer blues. Some people get the winter blues after months of snow and ice; I think I get the summer blues after months of heat and humidity. I start to feel sluggish and lazy by mid-July and it really starts to take a toll on me. But when the cooler weather rolled in this weekend, I felt like a new person – energized, yet relaxed – which just supports my theory that the summer blues are real and I had a case of them!

I guess it’s a good thing that I live in a place with seasons, because when the real summer returns, and I know it will, it won’t return forever. It will return for another month and then it will move on and my favorite season will be here. That gives me something to look forward to.

Does anyone else get the summer blues or do you love every last minute of summer and are sad to see it go when it does?


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