Cooking with Caitlin

I know, that’s not how I spell my name, but it is how Caitlin spells her name – Caitlin of Cooking with Caitlin. She’s a local Cincinnati chef and every third Thursday Caitlin hosts an event where guests get the opportunity to experience a 9 course sampling of her amazingly inventive culinary creations. And in June, I was there. I went with several of my co-workers and we had a great time.

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It was pretty hard to stick to my many dietary “guidelines“, but well worth the evening of indulgence. Here are a few of the treats we tasted. (all photos courtesy of Cooking with Caitlin)


I can’t even begin to describe the flavors, but I’ll relay what Caitlin says about the ingredients. Top – cucumber, shrimp, avocado and scallions. Bottom – homemade dough, bacon marmalade, pickled peppers and crunchy red onion.


Left – a twist on the breakfast sandwich – served between waffles. Right – burgers with jam (AMAZING) and smoked gouda.


Left – cheesecake with a grilled blackberry. Right – chocolate marshmallow, peanut butter and salty crackers.

Did I mention that she did all of this outside, on a patio, with a grill? The girl has talent. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, definitely try to check out one of the Third Thursday events, and if you’re not, check out her website for recipes and give it a try at home! The best ingredient though? Enjoying great food with friends – there’s nothing better.


One thought on “Cooking with Caitlin

  1. Kelly

    What a fun post, Katelyn! THANK YOU for taking the time to include us on your brilliant blog. It was a real treat to host you and your crew. We are already looking forward to the next time we get to feed you. 🙂 ^Kelly


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