Lessons Learned from My Father


The father’s day card that I mailed to my dad this year read something like, “Thank you Dad for all of the things that you’ve taught me…especially that potty training thing. That has really come in handy.” I thought it was a great card! While I appreciate being potty-trained, I like to think that I’ve learned much more than that from my dad. Since I won’t be able to see my dad today, I want to send a thank you to him for all that be has taught me.

  • Always Say I Love You – Saying I love you is something that comes easily to my dad and I’m so glad I picked up on it. He always said if you love someone you should tell them and I do!
  • Put People in Your Pictures – Before I left for any trip, he always reminded me to take lots of pictures but make sure there were people in my pictures. He said that years later when I’m looking through old pictures and reliving the memories, I will enjoy seeing someone I know standing in front of the statue of liberty rather than just the statue of liberty.
  • It’s OK to Feel Blue – I think my dad gets this better than anyone else. He’s taught me over the years that it’s ok to feel blue sometimes because the ups and downs are part of life. The blue times are what make the happy times that much happier. Experience it all and don’t feel bad for feeling how you do at the time.
  • Never Stop Singing – Every Thursday night you will find my dad playing a gig at a local bar and restaurant, but even if he weren’t gigging, I know I would find him playing the guitar everyday because he loves it. I hope I never stop using my gift of music and do it because I love it, like he does.
  • You Will Remember the Experiences – Growing up we were fortunate enough to get to see a Broadway Across America show each year, go to sporting events like an OSU volleyball game or even just go to a movie. Dad knew that it would be the events/experiences that we would remember, more than things.
  • You Are Never Too Old to Try New Things – This may not be a lesson that I’m putting into practice now, but as I get older I will always think of my dad when it comes to trying something new. At 55, he is living in a new state, making new friends and experiencing new things all the time. It takes courage I’m sure, but is also worth it.

Happy Father’s Day Dad and Happy Father’s Day to all the influential dads in my life, especially my step-dad Bob for everything he does for me and my sister, treating us like his own kids, my fathers-in-law Dick and Bruce and my grandfather-in-law Dick Sr. I love you all!


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from My Father

  1. Abby James

    Katelyn, I so enjoyed reading this sweet note about Ben! Wonderful lessons from him and beautifully said by you. You & Kelsey are certainly very blessed to have two very special dads in Ben & Bob!


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