Small Wins


So far, owning a home has not been as easy as I would have thought. Once we came down off of our initial excitement, we were faced with all of the projects we wanted to tackle along with an invisible and unrealistic timeline. We were finishing each day having crossed nothing of significance off our list and we would argue. If you know us at all, you know that we rarely argue! All of this started to lead to questions about whether we had made the right decision in buying a house at all. It wasn’t about this particular house. We were discussing whether home ownership was right for us. See, we were used to coming home after work and doing what we wanted with our evenings, even if that was more work, we could choose – reading, yoga, knitting, going out with friends, etc. Now we were coming home and mowing the grass, researching how to patch holes, calling AC repairmen, etc. and we were missing the freedom of our apartment days!

This continued for a couple of weeks until we decided enough was enough and it was time to just tackle a hole in our living room wall. Our living room, while it had all of our furniture in it and was the room where we spent most of our time, just did not feel like home. Partly because of the holes in the wall, partly because the colors were not our taste, but mostly because it was a constant reminder of what we had not accomplished! So we decided to just go for it. Phil watched YouTube videos, we bought materials, and bought more materials, and finally one evening we figured it out. The dry-wall fit, the spackle dried and we felt infinitely better.

It was like we just needed that one small win to push us over what felt like the top of a mountain. Now we are motivated and excited to tackle the next hole. And who knows what patching holes will lead to – painting, demoing, and more. With YouTube at our fingertips and our experienced family on the phone, we can do whatever we want to. But for now, I think I’ll relax!


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