5 Types of Friends


In last month’s issue of Real Simple, there was an article titled “5 Types of Friends Everyone Should Have” that got me thinking about friendships and my close friends. Now I realize that it is just a magazine article and not the end all be all when it comes to friendship advice, but I found myself thinking about which one of my friends would fall into which friendship type. And then I wondered what type of friend I am. I think I am pretty sure which “type” comes most naturally to me, but I’m curious to know what you think! What type am I to you?

  • The Comic Relief – the friend who makes you laugh and brings humor to the tough times.
  • The Life Coach – the friend who invigorates you and makes you eager to achieve your goals or just tackle the everyday.
  • The Risk Taker – the friend who introduces you to new ideas, philosophies and activities that you might not have explored otherwise.
  • The Challenger – the friend who is brutally honest and challenges, yet educates you.
  • The Loyalist – the friend who is at your side even when you’re at your worst.

I think it’s pretty easy to guess that I’m not your comic relief or your risk taker. I can challenge, but it’s not what comes naturally to me. I think I am a loyalist who moonlights as a life coach. Keeping up with friends, through good and bad times, being loyal, that comes easily to me. But in the last couple of years, as I’ve begun to know myself better, and actually, because of this blog, I’ve found myself enjoying the life coach role of encouraging and inspiring friends to set goals and continue to grow. Hopefully someone out there thought of me when they read that type.


And in terms of my friends, I have some who are several “types” to me and then there is a type or two that I think I am missing in my friends. Is that the end of the world? Of course not, I have great friends and this is just an article. But would having a comic relief, for example, make things a bit more fun? Sure. Though judging by the looks of these photos, maybe I’m not missing that at all!

So what about you – what type of friend are you? Do you think it’s important to have friends that span all 5 friend-types? Should we purposefully seek out friends to fill the types that we are missing?


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