5 Fantastic Things | May


I’m taking a lead from Laicie at A Thousand Threads (highly recommend this newly discovered blog!) who plans to document 5 fantastic things from each month. She loves journaling to remember the good things and felt that at a minimum, a monthly commitment was doable with her schedule. I couldn’t agree more! Time is flying by lately, and I find myself focusing on the negative all too often. I want to make a conscious decision to remember the good, express gratitude and enjoy the little moments. If I can do that on a daily basis – awesome, but capturing the good things and the memorable moments each month will be enough. I’m hoping this will be a fun way to document the year and remember each month, because it will certainly go by all too quickly.

5 FANTASTIC THINGS I want to remember…

  1. Singing Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem for the first time, on the stage of music hall, with fantastic musicians from the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
  2. Our friends and family showing up on an early Saturday morning, with smiles on their faces, because they were excited to help us move furniture into our first house. Thank you!
  3. Sitting with Phil on the grass in the sun on the waterfront just enjoying each other and being outdoors. (The people-watching wasn’t too bad either).
  4. Shedding a tear while listening to our friends Seth & Jessica read some of the most heartfelt, witty and sincere vows I have ever witnessed.
  5. Watching our cats try to figure out the stairs in our new house and now laughing out loud when they play with their toys running up and down and up and down.

5 FANTASTIC THINGS I’m looking forward to…

  1. Celebrating my mom’s retirement
  2. Seeing family from across the country (Seattle)
  3. Painting one room in the house, just one is all I ask!
  4. Movies in the park
  5. Jumping into the pool for the first time this summer!

What are your fantastic moments from May? Leave a note in the comments or link up your blog post here or on A Thousand Threads!


3 thoughts on “5 Fantastic Things | May

  1. Cindy franks

    Love keeping up with you this way. You are really amazing. Congrats to your mom on retirement. I am doing O.K. With it but I have to work all summer and that is a HUGE departure for me. Love you.

    1. Katelyn Post author

      Thank you! I enjoy writing and sharing. I will pass the congrats on. She is very excited for her new chapter.
      Welcome to the world without summer break. It’s not easy, but you get used to it. Love!

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