Make Your Work Space Your Own

When I started my current job almost a year ago, one of the many changes I had to adjust to was an open-office environment. If you’ve never been in an open-office, it’s looks just like it sounds. No walls, no cubicles, just desks and chairs arranged in various groupings throughout the entire floor plan. At my previous job, I had an actual office – a bookshelf, a bulletin board and a door – the exact opposite! I’ve gotten used to my new work environment and actually don’t mind it. I have to say the nearly paperless office is really kind of nice. It means I don’t need extra storage space, file folders and a physical inbox taking up space on my desk. In fact, there’s not much that does take up space on my desk other than a computer (and its accessories) and my phone.

But the one thing that is missing from my new space is personality. I don’t have anything at my desk that tells my colleagues who I am. So today I’ve put together a round-up of ideas for how you might customize or personalize a work space when all you have is a desk.


1. Day Designer | 2. Phone Dock | 3. Live What You Love | 4. Fresh Flowers | 5. Mouse pad |6. Mug | 7. Stapler

  • Several of these items are already at my desk, but they are the standard-issue “office” versions like a solid color mouse pad, corporate mug, and black stapler. Why not jazz it up and pick items that actually suit your taste?
  • Most people automatically think to bring in a family photograph to display, but an inspiring quote in a fun letterpress print could be a nice addition.
  • I check my cell phone regularly throughout the day and it would be so much easier if it were propped up where I could view it and get a charge at the same time. Enter Jonathan Adler’s phone dock.
  • And the flowers? Well that’s just a nice way to brighten the day. Maybe it’s a treat you give yourself every now and then.

As soon as I get a few of these items arranged on my desk, I’ll be sure to share a pic on instagram. Am I missing anything? How do you personalize your space at work?


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