Become a Home Owner – Check!


Well, we did it! We became home owners – check that one off the old 30 before 30 list!

The process in getting to this point has been a long and bumpy one, but considering the size of the purchase, I’m guessing that’s par for the course. We survived, we learned a lot, and we have no regrets (at least for now, until the first big ticket item breaks and there’s no landlord to call!).

So right now we’re in the midst of those weeks where everything is new, nothing is where you think it is and you wake up each morning forgetting where you are before you remember – you moved! As someone who struggles a bit – ok, a lot – with change, these are going to be tough weeks for me, but I have a great partner who is a champ at change and he reminds me each night that “everything’s going to be alright”. The good news? We don’t have to move again until we want to. That statement alone is worth it!

I’ll have much more to share about the house in the coming weeks, months and years, but for now, I’m focused on settling into our new home.


3 thoughts on “Become a Home Owner – Check!

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