Why not knit a few?

Have you ever found a great fitting shirt or pair of pants and then bought multiple pairs in different colors, or even the same color? When you find something that fits well, suits you, and is of good quality, it’s worth stocking up!

The same idea applies to a good knitting pattern. With so many different patterns out there to choose from, when you find something that knits well and looks great, you knit a few.

Dovetail Cowl

It started a year or so ago when I had some extra purple yarn in my stash that needed to be used. I quickly chose a pattern for an infinity scarf to have something to knit on a road trip, and it turned out to be quite a hit. This year, I decided to share my “find” with three lovely ladies in my life.


For awhile there, this was the only pattern I was knitting, but it was actually kind of nice to always have something familiar on the needles. And there was no guessing in terms of what I was going to get as the finished product – a warm and comfy scarf that looks great too.


I had so much fun knitting each of these scarves knowing who was going to be wearing them and picking out the color and yarn combination based on the recipient is always a fun challenge. Hopefully I hit the nail on the head.

Bobbie 1

For anyone interested in the pattern, it’s the Dovetail Cowl by Carina Spencer.



3 thoughts on “Why not knit a few?

  1. jamie

    These are lovely. I’m a crochet-er rather than a knitter but I’ve had something like this on my list of projects – just never prioritized it. But I have repeated a beloved pattern. Sometimes I really just like the repetitiveness and getting a nice piece without so much thinking. By the way, I found your blog from some comment on a local Cincy blog.

    1. Katelyn Post author

      Jamie – I agree. Repeating something you already know can be nice. Are you a local Cincinnati blogger too? Would love to arrange a meet-up at some point!


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