Weekly Recipe | Wrap-up

No Sugar No Flour is a weekly series where I share a new recipe that I’ve tried and enjoyed. (See past recipes here.) The only parameters are that it cannot contain added sugar or flour. Take the challenge and …Enjoy!

This month is going to be crazy, and in talking with friends and co-workers it sounds like I’m not alone. Not sure what it is about May but between 2 straight weeks of intense rehearsals for this, moving, work deadlines and an out-of-state wedding, I will barely be able to find time to eat let alone research and try new recipes. What I’m trying to say is, the “Weekly Recipe” series is going on hold for the time being. Don’t be sad. Just think of all the great things we’ve cooked over the last few weeks!


Now, the perfectionist in me  will want to continue being strict about eliminating sugar and flour, but I know that that will not always be possible given my schedule for the month. And that’s ok, because even at 85 or 90%, I still feel good about myself and that’s close enough that I can easily jump back on the 100% train when life returns to normal…wait, does that exist?

I’ll still be cooking and I’m always pinning new recipes if you are looking for ideas. And, if enough of you are interested, I’m happy to bring the series back! Until then, keep on cooking.


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