Warby Love

By now, people tend to recognize me by my slightly over-sized, somewhat statement glasses. And that’s fine by me because I LOVE them. I made the switch from contacts to glasses about a year a half ago and I have not looked back. With frames that even Ryan Gosling wears, why would I?


Every compliment or inquiry about my specs is an opportunity for me to share my love for Warby Parker. WP is an online glasses retailer that offers a free home try-on option so you can try 5 different pairs for 5 days, at home. This is great because there’s no pressure to make a decision right away like there is at optometrist’s office where everyone is watching you. And you could do what I did and wear contacts (so you can see!) with the non-prescription frames so you can get a feel for them (and catch yourself in a mirror or two) while going about your normal routine. Friends and family will also want to share their opinion so be sure to give them the opportunity to vote!


In my experience, WP is a word-of-mouth business. I heard about it from a friend (thanks Brittney!), several of my friends have heard about it from me, and then you’re hearing about it now! Warby Parker is definitely the way of the future for the glasses industry. I mean, when you show up for vacation and 4 of the 5 girls all have Warby Parker’s, it’s a sign!


Linwood // Preston // Colton

And just think, if all your friends have WP’s, you can try on even more frames! Doesn’t Sam look great in my Preston’s?


If the stylish frames and home try-on program aren’t enough for you, the price point and customer service will seal the deal. I’m already thinking it’s time to increase my collection. What 5 to try next?

p.s. – WP did not sponsor this post, I just love my frames and their business that much and I thought you should know about them too. Have fun four eyes!


2 thoughts on “Warby Love

  1. laurabpetersen

    You have turned me on to WP!! Maybe the answer is obvious – how does it work once you chosen the frames? Do you take them to your eye doctor or send them back to WP for lenses?

    1. Katelyn Post author

      Good question! Unless you have a really strong prescription, Warby Parker does the whole thing. So the price includes lenses as well as frames. Once you send back your trial box, enter your order information online, including your prescription and eye doctor’s information. It depends on your state, but in some cases they will contact your eye doctor to verify the prescription and then the rest is history!
      I’m always happy to vote if you get a home try-on box 🙂


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