Enjoy the Earth


I’ve been thinking for a few weeks now about what tips or ideas I would share with you on this Earth Day. And I admit that I have struggled to find a unique voice. We should already be aware of how our lifestyles continue to add to global warming and the excessive use of scarce resources. We should already know of the little changes we can make in our lives to reduce our impact – things like recycle, drive less, turn off lights, wash clothes in cold water, compost, use natural cleaning products, and more.

It seems though, that the idea of “going green” has fallen out of the spotlight. I remember a phase where companies were charging employees to brainstorm ways to cut waste at work, and in our personal lives we were adopting small changes trying to lessen our footprint. But we, like many companies, got to a place that we thought was good enough. We’d done our share and the “movement” was no longer top of mind.

Do we really think that we’ve done enough or is it that we need constant reminders? I guess if we’ve not been directly affected by the strange weather patterns of late, we might not make the connection and if we’ve gotten used to the price of gas, we might not hesitate to jump in the car. So maybe we don’t need a second wave of a “go green” movement; maybe we need to spend more time outside enjoying the simple pleasures that we have and remember that what we do every day matters to the earth.


There’s no turning back the clock to undo what we’ve done, but I like to think that there’s always tomorrow. I hope you’ll take a walk today – look at the sky, sit in the grass, notice the birds and animals – and think about the part that you play in all of it. Happy earth day!

p.s. These pictures were taken during an evening stroll through the neighborhood.


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