“I found myself in Paris”

We watched Sabrina the other night (the “new” one with Harrison Ford) and regardless of whether or not you’re disappointed in me for not watching Audrey, you have to admit the film does a great job of making you want to jet off and “find yourself in Paris”, as Irene said. Come to think of it, most films set in Paris make me yearn for time to spend at length in the City of Light…Midnight in Paris, Something’s Gotta Give, Funny Face


I have been to Paris, but I know I did not appreciate it like I think I would now. I see myself spending hours at a cafe, wandering the city, journaling my heart out and soaking in the culture, all while La vie en rose plays as the soundtrack to my life.


What are some other Paris movies that “transport” you to the city? When they end, do you consider that it’s high-time you booked a flight and found yourself in Paris?

p.s. – We might be talking about Paris on the blog, but I know that our thoughts are really with Boston. Sending prayers your way…


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