10 People, 1 Week, 1 LONG Grocery List

Divide anything by ten and it becomes very economical, very fast. That’s one of the reasons we are always able to take a winter vacation – because we do it with friends. Not only did we split the cost of accommodations and ground transportation, but we also cooked most of our meals at the house and split the cost of those groceries. Organizing a grocery list for 10 people was not the easiest, but I think my method worked out pretty well and worst case scenario? … we could always make another trip to the store, which we did! Speaking of stores, we decided to shop at the local grocery store rather than the Super Walmart and I was so glad one of us could read enough Spanish to point out that we had put sour cream instead of yogurt in the shopping cart!


Here’s how we put it together:

7 dinners = 5 home-cooked + 2 out-to-eat (we still wanted to experience local cuisine, even if the menu was all in Spanish)


10 people divided by 5 dinners = 2 cooks per meal


I asked each duo to send me their recipe and corresponding list of ingredients, which I then compiled into a master spreadsheet organized by grocery category. Here’s what our amazing chefs prepared throughout the week:

  • Fish tacos
  • New Orleans style shrimp and rice
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Grilled chicken with rice, chimichurri sauce and salad
  • Pizza (homemade down to the dough)


While the food was delicious and the grocery bill very affordable, there were a couple of downsides to cooking on vacation, the biggest being dish duty…


And tensions can run high when you’re trying to prepare enough food for 10 hungry people…


(He was just posing!) But there’s nothing like preparing and sharing a meal with friends. Every evening I looked forward to the time when we gathered around the kitchen to help the cooks or just keep them company while they worked. It just so happened that the food was also delicious!



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