Weekly Recipe | Southwestern Vegetable Soup

No Sugar No Flour is a weekly series where I share a new recipe that I’ve tried and enjoyed.  The only parameters are that it cannot contain added sugar or flour.  Take the challenge and …Enjoy!


I mentioned last week that my all-time favorite cookbook is Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.  I have owned that book for at least four years and I still find new recipes to try, like this week’s No Sugar No Flour recipe – Southwestern Vegetable Soup.  It’s a hearty vegetable soup, but the peppers and tomatillos are a nice flavorful twist on a predictable winter dish.

Recipe Notes –

  • Definitely use the dried chipotle chili – the flavor would be lacking without it.
  • Try swapping a sweet potato for the regular potato called for in the recipe – highly recommend it.
  • I did not add a jalapeno pepper and didn’t really miss it.  If you really like some heat, then certainly add it, but a little sriracha always does the trick in our house.

As always, let me know if you try this recipe or any of the other No Sugar No Flour recipes.


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