Spring Fever


Wow – I completely forgot what spring fever feels like! I guess a couple of years in the south where the transitions between seasons are insignificant will cause you to forget what months of winter can do to your spirits. But while winter feels like the longest season right now, the idea that spring is around the corner is exciting and leaves me hopeful – something that you lose when you lose the changes of seasons. I know this much, I will not take spring for granted whenever it ever does decide to show up.

That said, returning from our recent sunny vacation to cold, dreary, gray days for the last two weeks has left me feeling a little disheartened. So I tried to think of things I could do to inspire optimism and keep my focus on the fact that spring will be here soon. Here goes…

1. Go some place new. Whether it’s a new restaurant, museum, athletic event, concert – break out of your typical routine and get a bit outside your comfort zone. Plus you’ll have something to talk about other than how tired you are of winter!

2. Create your “spring” playlist. Add current tunes or classics that make you remember good times in warmer weather. Picture driving with the windows down and the stereo turned up.
Spring Playlist

3. Get moving. No time like the present to add a little physical activity to your routine before shorts and tank tops arrive. A little brisk air never did any harm.

4. Start a wishlist. Just because warm weather is holding out on us doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about bright colors, florals, and sandals!

5. Make a change. Get a haircut, rearrange some furniture, swap out framed pictures around the house. Change is exciting and you’ll be one step ahead of the changing season.

What do you do to get through the last few weeks of winter in anticipation of spring?


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