A Weekly No Sugar No Flour Recipe

Remember the no sugar no flour challenge I started this past summer?  You probably assumed that by now the challenge had run its course and I am back to eating pasta, pizza and dessert.  Well, I’m happy to report that the challenge has turned into a lifestyle! I follow the guidelines about 85% of the time, maintaining my weight without being obsessive.   But whenever I mention my dietary guidelines in conversation, the most common response is, “So without sugar or flour, what do you eat?”, to which I always answer “Plenty!” And that’s answering as an lacto-ovo pescatarian!  In all honesty though, when I cut out sugar and flour, I found that my appetite was much more consistent and I don’t need as much to feel full.

To prove that you can still eat well without two very popular ingredients, I’m going to start a weekly series to share a no sugar, no flour recipe that I have tried and enjoyed myself. I’m not planning to turn this into a food blog – I’m no gourmet chef and taking pictures of food is not my forte.  So the focus will be on providing ideas for dishes (should you want to adopt this “lifestyle”) and motivating me to expand my own recipe repertoire and try new things.

Dinner Party

Why not start off with a bang and share with you the full meal that Phil and I prepared for our monthly dinner party of 6? We tried all new recipes – major risk I know, but luckily they all turned out really well.  And yes, I know that bread has flour in it and yes, I may have had a piece (homemade by my husband – I could not refuse), but 1 out of 5 is pretty good if you ask me.  Click any of the images for the full recipe and give a no sugar, no flour dish a try!

No-knead Bread* by Mark Bittman
(served with assorted cheeses selected by Whole Foods)

No Knead Bread

Image via

Rainbow Chopped Salad by bon appetit

rainbow chopped salad

Winter Minstrone by Moosewood Restaurant


Image via

Roasted Harvest Vegetables with Quinoa by a couple cooks

Vegetables and Quinoa

Brussel Sprouts by Philip
(recipe created on the fly!)


Bon appetite!

*This recipe contains flour.


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