A Year in Pictures

Photo Album Cover

We take LOTS of pictures – not with our phones, but with our {a little} old-fashioned camera.  It started with wanting to make sure we got our money’s worth out of the purchase and continued with the creation of this blog and more traveling.  But unless a picture makes it into a blog post or a facebook album, it sits in a folder on our computer taking up quite a bit of space!

My sister is very diligent about creating a photo album at the end of each year that captures everything between New Year’s Eve and Christmas…a sort of “yearbook” if you will.  I LOVE this idea and have seen plenty of posts about others doing something similar, but to me, creating a photo album brings back memories of my failed attempts at scrap-booking back in the day.  It just wasn’t my thing.  But when a sweet deal from MyPublisher came through my inbox, I decided to give it a try anyway.  Turns out, I really enjoyed the process and couldn’t be more proud of the finished product!

Photo Album Box

I started out with a “Highlights” page listing anything that I could think of that we associate with our 2012.  From there I created pages chronologically around any event or topic for which I had more than a couple of pictures.

Photo Album Recap

Here are a few of my favorite layouts – Mardi Gras, Grand Cayman Island, fall races, and a weekend get-away to Indianapolis.Photo Album

Photo Album 2

Photo Album 3

Photo Album 4I also tried to delete photos along the way.  Since the best photos are in this album, I figure there’s no need to keep multiple shots of basically the same activity.  And now I have an album to share with family & friends and to look at whenever I’m in the mood to smile and remember how good life is!

How do you make sure your photos don’t just sit on the computer without ever being viewed?  If you’re thinking of creating a photo album, I highly recommend My Publisher for your platform.


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