Cast Your Vote

You may remember from my 30 before 30 list that despite the number of knitting projects I’ve completed over the years, I have never finished a sweater for myself.  So with 1 year and 9 months until that birthday, I figure I better get started because this is not a project I want to leave until the last minute!

Well the perfect opportunity is right around the corner.   I’ll be vacationing soon with my good friend Rachel, a fellow knitter, and I can think of no better way to relax than to knit in good company!  Rachel and I actually learned to knit together years ago in our freshman dorm room with “Stitch n Bitch” as our guide.  It will be just like the old days.  We’ve decided to do a knit-along (KAL) where we select a common pattern and work through it together.  The problem is we can’t make up our minds on which sweater to knit!  So we’re asking for your help.  Take a look at our short list and comment below with the sweater that you think we should knit for our upcoming KAL.

Sweater-Options1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

5 thoughts on “Cast Your Vote

  1. Dad

    Number 3. Looks stylish and comfy. Love the vertical lines it creates.
    Number 1 is second choice – cup of coffee, good book, that sweater (especially that color)…perfect.
    Number 2 looks like its trying too hard. :o/
    Number 4? Well I certainly wouldn’t disown you if you showed up wearing that. It’s very pretty.


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