The Downlow on Down

Before I make any big purchase (roughly $100 and up), I like to do my homework.  And typically, the higher the cost, the more time I spend pouring over internet articles, gathering feedback from friends, and comparing price & quality of different brands.  This brings me to our latest above-$100-purchase…bedding.  I have wanted a down comforter for years, but I had never taken the time to do my research.  So we used what we had – a crocheted afghan and my high school t-shirt quilt.  That may have been fine when I was a poor college student or a recent graduate with my first real job, but as a young professional with a grown-up bed frame, the afghan and quilt were no longer acceptable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love both of these blankets – I made the afghan for my husband and my mom made the quilt for me – but I think they would be of better use as extra bedding for guests or snuggling up on the couch in the winter.  (I can’t believe I’m sharing this next picture!)

P1070214 copy

For any of you who might be thinking about investing in a down comforter, but don’t want to spend the time researching…you’re in luck!  I’ve put together the cliffs notes version of my research and compiled a short list of features you should consider before buying:

1.  Type of filler – down comforter filling can range from goose to duck to synthetic.  Check to make sure you are getting the filling that you want.  A goose down comforter (highest quality), will definitely be labeled as such.
2.  Fill power – the higher the fill power, the better the quality.  Average fill power is 450-500 cubic inches of loft per ounce.  550-650 is above average and 700 is exceptional.
3.  Ounces  – for a queen comforter, a comforter should contain a minimum of 32 ounces of down
4.  Fabric – select 100% cotton comforter with at least a 250 thread count to be sure that the down does not “leak” out of the comforter
5.  Baffle box construction – this ensures that the down stays evenly distributed throughout the comforter and doesn’t “pile up” on one side or corner


From there, look for the best price and use a sale or coupons if you can to make the purchase more affordable!  (these are just the stats on my comforter.)


Much better don’t you think?  And not only does it look better, it feels amazing!

In terms of cost, with the sale Macy’s was running and my 20% off coupon, the comforter was $237.99 (originally $700).  Then on top of that, I cashed in on some credit card reward points for $150 in gift cards, so my out-of-pocket cost was only $87.99 plus tax and shipping.

Now, let the search for a duvet cover and pillows commence!


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