A Stocking Story

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Bernat Stocking PatternOnce upon a time, a certain yarn company (Bernat) sold a popular Christmas stocking knitting pattern, complete with the necessary yarn for knitting it.  Many families had collections of these stockings, each personalized with a family member’s name and my family was no exception.  My great Aunt Evelyn took it upon herself to knit a stocking for all of the children in the family.  So no matter where we spent Christmas – at home or away – I would see the same stockings, with the santa claus and candy canes, hanging from the mantle.

Now that we have embarked on the next generation, I have decided to step into the role of the family knitter and carry on the tradition.  The problem was that the knitting pattern didn’t survive like the stockings did.  So I went where I always go – ravelry – and was elated when the pattern turned up in a search.  Apparently I was not alone in my search for the vintage stocking pattern that hung from so many childhood mantles.  And like myself, many other knitters are hoping to carry on the tradition for the next generation.

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Between last Christmas and this year, I have knit 5 stockings – one for my husband, my brother-in-law, each of my cousin’s two children and my niece.  Whew!  But I love being the resident knitter in the family.  Everyone has to have a place, and I’ll take mine with the yarn.  I just hope that someday everyone will think of me, like I think of Tante Evelyn, whenever they hang their stockings at Christmas.

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To all my family members, please select your future children’s names early so that I may get ahead of the game.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning!


4 thoughts on “A Stocking Story

  1. Kathryn Allen

    Hi, I have been searching for this knitting pattern for months. (Same thing happened to us, we cannot find my grandma’s original pattern.) I am a member of Ravelry but could not find it. Is there a more direct link? Where exactly within Ravelry did you find it? Thanks!

  2. Patt Gavin

    Bernat made several of these paks and I have been making them for my family for years. My mother made them but after the birth of her second son, she was too busy to finish. Nine children later, only the oldest brother had a stocking. I was the third son and the only one who seemed to care, so I carried on the tradition. More than 25 years later, I’m still going. I actually just started one for my newest nephew. There are other patterns besides just this one, if anyone is interested. I have found several on the internet. Do a Google search for “Bernat Christmas Stocking Pak” and you should be able to find the others. I’m still searching to see if there are more beyond the three that I have.

  3. Lorraine MacLeod

    the pattern does not tell you how much yarn you need to use. I have tried to see if I could purchase the pak but cannot find it.


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