Pay the Feeling Forward

I received a welcome surprise last week during what was turning out to be just a normal day in the office.  My manager forwarded a letter she  received from a client praising my work.  And the author of this letter was not my day-to-day contact, but a manager.  This person had taken the time to draft and send a letter expressing gratitude for all that I do on a daily basis to ensure their success.

Needless to say I smiled to myself and probably had a little spring in my step the rest of the day as I repeated some of those kind words.  It felt great!  And it got me thinking that I could pay this feeling forward by looking for my own opportunities to offer “unsolicited praise.”


It’s easier to complain whenever we have a bad experience…to reach out to a manager to let him know of our dissatisfaction.  But we never, or at least I never, seek out a restaurant manager to let him know that a server went above and beyond, or ask to be passed through to a customer service supervisor to sing a representative’s praises.  I pay them for their services, why do they also need praise?  Well, my client pays me for my services and yet they still thanked my manager, and me indirectly.  And why not?

Especially around the holidays when things can be stressful in the service industry, and all industries actually, I’m going to make a point to sing the praises of those who do great work for me.  If for no other reason than I know it will put a smile on their face, and on mine 🙂


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