Washi What?

If you’ve visited pinterest lately or spent time reading any DIY or lifestyle blogs, you’ve probably seen the rolls and rolls of beautifully colored tape scattered throughout.  It’s called washi tape and it originates from Japan.  You could describe it as… stylish masking tape?  What will they think of next.

Washi tape, like so many of my current obsessions, has been added to my wish list in hopes that if I’m extra good this year…I can get a few rolls for myself some washi tape!   So when my husband asked (as he always does when I am about to bring another item into our limited-storage-apartment), “But what do you use it for?”, I was surprised to find that I couldn’t come up with an answer to validate my wish.

Back to pinterest I went.  And I was not disappointed…


phone | frames | planner | gifts | flags | clips | playroom | card

Washi tape can be used to add color to a phone cover or computer keyboard, to decorate gift cards and wrapping paper, to frame photos and create a (removable) play room…the options are endless.

In what other ways are you using washi tape?  I will gladly accept a card decorated with washi tape.  Just let me know if you need my address!


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