‘Tis the Knitting Season

I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t do much Christmas decorating around the apartment.  I have my reasons, which I won’t take the time to outline here, but even without decorations you would still be able to tell it’s the holiday season just by looking around.  Because at our place, Christmas decorating equals piles of yarn and knitting projects at the foot of every available chair!

Each year I tell myself that I’ll begin planning my knitting projects in the summer so that I can be checking them off the list by early fall, but here I am, yet again, weeks before Christmas with several projects still to go.  I could complain, but I also wonder if maybe it wouldn’t feel like the holidays if I weren’t frantically knitting.  Somehow I’m guessing I’ll probably never find out.

So while I sit here with my knitting and my cats, I’ll just think of the elite group to which I belong…knitters!  And I’ll happily knit until my fingers ache because there is nothing I love to gift more than something that I handmade for you.


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