Flannel 5 Ways

I love flannel.  I mean, can you think of a more comfortable piece of clothing when it comes to colder weather?  For me, it is the first thing I want to unpack come October and is pretty much my weekend uniform for the following 5-6 months.  I know you may be sitting there picturing lumberjacks or hipsters or 90’s grunge band members, but I would argue that flannel  is much more than that!  To prove my point, I pulled my favorite red flannel shirt (thanks sis!) and mixed it 5 different ways. Now, as someone who defaults to usually wearing flannel in a very casual way, this was a challenge.  But I am now convinced that this piece is as convertible as most anything else in my closet.

1.  Studious: Keep things casual but put-together by grabbing a pair of classic-cut-denim, adding a blazer, boots and an over-sized bag.

2.  Trendy: Dress it up with black denim, heels and a leopard clutch.

3.  Spontaneous: Add some fun with a bright, contrasting pencil skirt, nude heels and a statement necklace.

4. Professional: Layer it under a classic black pencil dress with pumps.

5. Classic: Keep warm by layering a sweater with wool pants and heels.

If you’re not rocking flannel already, or you’re restricting your flannel-wearing to lazy Sundays with jeans, you’re missing out!  Any fellow flannel-lovers out there?

(And once again, for those of you who think posing for pictures with your husband as your photographer is glamorous…here’s what it really looks like!)

p.s. my pictures were held at ransom for the posting of this one.  Against my better judgement, I paid the ransom…


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